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City Hood follows the lives of a girl named Jessica, her younger brother Qyia and adopted sibling Ethan. At the start of the story Jessica is struggling with Tourette Syndrome, making her a target for bullies throughout her neighborhood. Despite Qyia’s valor when it comes to protecting his big sister he is unable to help. The story soon takes a strange twist when Ethan the mysterious sibling and “child genius” creates an invention to help them.

Jessica and Qyia are given amazing new abilities by Ethan’s invention. However when their powers are caught on video, they ‘re soon labeled terrorists.

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Slaying Mary Sue

Sometime near the end of all civilization, The God Amon Ra tasked his three powerful daughters Sekhmet, Bastet and Hathor to create an adequate successor to weld the power of RA. The story is told through the eyes of the eldest Goddess Sekhmet, who uses her very own DNA in an attempt to create the perfect being. 

Sekhmet's vanity soon drives her to accidentally create a powerful being that threatens all of creation.

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